In general, sustainable development is defined as the rational management of human, natural and economic resources to meet the basic needs of humanity. This commitment involves several fields of action: the conservation of the overall balance, respect for the environment, preventing the depletion of natural resources, reduced waste production and finally the rationalization of production and energy consumption.

Through various initiatives, Meritek wishes actively contributing to sustainable development through the promotion of a corporate culture that respects the environment.

Our Commitment

We recognize that the activities of Meritek indirectly generate an inevitable impact on our planet. That’s why we decided to conservatively oversee the use of our hardware and reduce our paper waste.

  • All of our computer equipment (computers, monitors, networking equipment) are Energy Star certified, in accordance to the standards set in our industry.
  • Our paper waste is recycled every day, and our team is committed to finding a second use for non-confidential documents.
  • Photoreceptors, ink cartridges and obsolete computer equipment is handed over to Staples and Insertech Angus. A social enterprise of Montreal, Insertech Angus, helps young people 18 to 30 years by promoting their employability.
  • Meritek’s offices are located near a metro station which offers employees access to public transportation, particularly useful when traveling to serve our customers and partners. This initiative aims to reduce our employees’ everyday use of cars.