1 preparatory meeting First, the account manager assigned to your file will offer a preparatory meeting at your office to identify the challenges your business faces.
2 Understanding your business Getting to know the culture of your organization, the values ​​held by your team and the positions and environment in which your human resources are changing.
3 Defining the positionOur consultants define the nature of the positions you must fill by understanding the role, the responsibilities and qualifications needed.
4 Assimulating Information Hiring managers concisely summarize the parameters of the ideal candidate’s profile.
5 The game planThe members of the Meritek team meet and share their knowledge and contacts, helping one another find the best possible candidates.
6 The chaseMeritek consults their internal bank of 25 000 CVs, external recruitment, postings specializing in IT, social media sources and even locates qualified professionals currently under employment.
Analysis of Candidates
1 telephone pre-interviewIdentified candidates are first evaluated during a telephone pre-interview and then during a personal interview with the director of accounts. The proven expertise of our consultants is paramount at this stage, as the assessment of strengths and weaknesses is largely based on intuition and experience.
2 planning interviews Before setting a meeting, our consultants personally contact candidates and measure their interest in the position to be filled before setting a meeting. We do all we can to minimize recruitment delays.
3 Personalized Follow UpThe advisor handling the case makes a personalized follow up with each candidate throughout the selection process. This allows Meritek to continue targeting, assess the parties' expectations and determine if the candidate really meet customer needs.
4 Checking ReferenceOn request, Meritek confidentially conducts reference checks submitted. An experienced member of our team communicates with authorized persons to confirm the technical qualifications and experience of candidates.
5 Presenting the candidatesMeritek provides a detailed profile of applicants: achievements, strengths, weaknesses, salary expectations, bilingualism, personal interests, etc. We submit candidates who have the knowledge, expertise and personal qualities that maximize the chances of integration.
Follow Up
1 Following the integrationWe contact our clients to ensure that the candidate successfully responded to the clients’ objectives.
2 Consolidation of the PartnershipBecause we are partners with our clients, we are available to facilitate in the new recruit’s integration in the client’s business. A Meritek advisor remains on standby to assess the candidate and possibly participate in the search for any new positions created.
3 Additional services We regularly respond to customer inquiries, aiding in any way the recruitment and hiring of IT resources. Our team of consulting service advisors are listening.